Meet Charm City Pets. This is a website about Bmore’s best pets. We will be giving you ideas for which animals you would like to welcome as a part of the family in their new forever home. How do we know which animal to choose? What if you need important info about the animal? You just have to email us at Charmcitypets@gmail.com or follow our site. You can also find us on YouTube by searching Charm City Pets.

About the Staff

Hello! I’m a kid that has loved pets since I saw my first. I hope you feel the same. I want to help these animals have a great and loving home. I hope you will help Charm City Pets accomplish the goal. Once more, thank you!


Annabel Fogleman

Hello! I’m Annabel. I have two dogs at home and of course- want more! I just love dogs! I also have one outdoor cat. And yes, I’m a fan of cats too.

I live in Baltimore and have always had a passion for helping all pets. I started Charm City Pets to help homeless pets in Baltimore find homes.